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F. A. Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) Related to Our Product and Services?

Digital Web Store is an e-commerce platform for product and service selling. That means DW Store offers a product or service that is really required for your business. Many businesses need websites, graphics, video footage, websites, scripts, and more. 
Thus, we launched a platform for you to get a premium quality product and service that fits your business. 
We understand how a business needs resources to build its online presence and get attention. Look here, we've got multiple varieties of products and services just for you and your business!

Actually, yes, a lot of platforms are available right now online, but every platform has its own principles, own terms, and regulations. The main thing for a digital web store is to provide high quality products, support and connect all levels of influencers and individuals in one place and fulfil their requirements as per availability.

If you've arrived at this question, it means you already have an opinion about us. 
Everyone and anyone can sell products or services on any platform, but we only focus on solving your specific problem in order to establish your online presence. 
We're not competing with someone else's or saying we're the best. We assure you that we care about your problem and are committed to resolving it with your help. 

We're selling products and services. It means we sell digital products such as WordPress Themes, Plugins, Templates, Layouts, and Scripts, which all follow the GNU/GPL Licenses. We're very pleased to be selling our product under these licenses.
These licenses allow us to be given a few rights to sell or distribute. If we talk about services, then, of course, our experts are there who are ready to scale your business/optimize your business in the easiest way. Check the product page for services.

Yes, 100%. We're selling any product or service under a full refund policy. For more details, visit the Refund Policy and Terms & Conditions.

This is a very important question. This is the main part of our project. Our whole intention is to help you, and support you when you need it. 
We're all active for support when you need it.